Failing Aboriginal Australians

This article was published by CounterPunch on June 23, 2014.

Renowned journalist John Pilger’s latest film, Utopia, about the state of affairs for Aboriginal Australians, is billed as “an epic portrayal of the oldest continuous human culture and an investigation into a suppressed colonial past and rapacious present” that follows three other films since 1983. Prominent Aboriginal footballer and Australian of the Year Adam Goodes said the film was the “talk of Aboriginal Australia”, but the Australian premiere, attended by 4000 people, barely made it into the mainstream media.

The “Great Australian Silence” over the history between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians that anthropologist W.E.H. Stanner talked of in 1968 still exists to this day.

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Celebrating decade of Koori Court success

This article was published in The Shepparton News on October 26, 2012.

A County Court judge says after working in the Koori Court system he is only just starting to grasp what it means for Indigenous Australians to feel disconnected.

It has been 10 years since Victoria’s first Koori Court opened in Shepparton on October 7, 2002.

At the Annual Koori Court Conference, the judge in charge of the Latrobe Valley County Koori Court, John Smallwood, said the system helped Indigenous offenders feel they were being listened to.

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