Why I went to Lebanon

This article was published by Going Down Swinging in September, 2015.

Sometimes, not heeding advice most people deem reasonable could be the most sensible thing you’ll ever do.

If you were to listen to the travel warnings of the powers that be in Australia, you could be forgiven for never venturing off the island. Or, for that matter, out your front door. Out in the big, bad world, threats to personal safety lie at every turn: you should reconsider your need to travel to Lebanon, for example, “because of the unpredictable security and political situation. The situation could deteriorate without warning”. If you were to brave a visit to Lebanon and stuck to the areas considered safe, you would never leave Makdisi Street, the bar strip in Beirut’s Hamra area. Which, to be fair, is easy to occupy no matter what the security situation.

But this is no way to learn about a country as fascinating, beautiful, historic and modern as Lebanon.

Read the full article here

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